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You might be visiting me because you are wondering if your hormones are causing a problem.  Well, you might be right!


Heavy Periods/Fibroids



Weight Management


… are only a few examples of how your hormones affect your wellbeing.

I’ve worked in hormone health internationally for nearly 20 years and I’ve seen it all (you can read more about me here).  I’ve helped women:

  • avoid the need for surgery
  • overcome debilitating mental health issues and get off long term medication
  • prevent a ‘section’ (enforced entry) to a psychiatric ward;
  • have babies

as well as 

  • find a happy, healthy way through menopause
  • put a stop to heavy, draining periods
  • get their lives back on track when they felt that they were under the control of their menstrual cycle, which caused them to lose their job, their partner and friends because they really couldn’t cope.

It might sound extreme, but when hormones can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally it can be confusing and hard to pin down.

But, with that said, it can also be about re-finding that best version of yourself!

Let me help you to understand your hormones better as I did with Patricia!

More testimonials and case histories can be found here.

I don’t work from a strict dietary approach and for the vast majority of people, I expect significant measurable progress within 6 weeks!

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