Publication Date: 5 July 2018 

Her Menopause Project is a top quality project planner with words of wisdom and support from internationally renowned Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill, PhD.  Ideal for women who are having a surgically-induced menopause, an irregular cycle in their 40s or even stopped menstruating some time ago.  If you are looking for positive ways to support your menopausal health and wellbeing, look no further.  You will be able to document and track your symptoms as well as learn how to create your own bespoke support program for your situation.

Her Menopause Project offers a whole-woman approach based on years of clinical experience of working with more natural solutions for the menopausal ‘adjustments’ that your mind, body and soul are making.

Are you worried about mood changes, weight gain, loss of libido, sweats, ageing?

Alyssa address the issues that are important to you with solutions that are health supporting to empower you to be the confident, sexy woman you really are.

Break (back) through to the real you!

You can view a short video here …


Failing with your diet is commonplace. Do you succumb to:

  • sugar and salt cravings
  • ‘low blood sugar’
  • fatigue
  • no or low weight loss despite eating very little

Do you relate to the 3 E’s?

  • Emotional eating?
  • Energy eating?
  • Entertainment eating?

Learn key factors that can help you overcome your Dieting Downfalls and maximise your Weight Loss Winners with questionnaires to assess how you shape up in hormone health.

This is not another diet book this information will make a difference whatever regime you choose to follow. If you want to know why, this book will provide you with hormone insights that impact men and women alike.

You can read an extract here published on Cytoplan’s blog – it’s all about disturbed sleep!

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Is a great detox programme that can help to regenerate your life and cure your toilet woes!

A short, tightly written book that won’t waste your time in giving you the bottom line on the costs to your health when you have poor gut health resulting in constipation … and it will share what to do about it. This book tells you the whys and wherefores of using enemas to detoxify your body.

This is a light, easy read to get you going and aims to ease the mind and body of unnecessary discomfort. This is a practical resource that is sure to convert you to this ancient and simple health pratice.

You can read an extract here.

See on Amazon as a Kindle book – downloadable to any device – click here