Her Menopause Workshop

10.30 am – 12.30 pm

Saturday 3 November 2018

Monterey Hotel, Jersey

Nearly half of all working women are over 50.

There are 13 million menopausal women in the UK.

Menopause affects 5 million working women every day.

According to a new survey 96% of women feel unprepared for their menopause, only 12% feel that their GP can help them and 71% of women said that they find it difficult to talk about it.

This workshop will take you through a comprehensive signs and symptoms questionnaire, which will help you to understand the breadth of your menopausal status and experience.

Learn about natural solutions that really work to support you physically, mentally and emotionally.

This is an all-female environment for you to ask the questions that you need to ask.

Parma, Italy with Comfort Zone – October 2018

NEC Birmingham

Sunday 21 May to Monday 22 May 2017

Seminar – Staying Young: Hormonally Speaking – Sunday 21 May 2017

Youth and beauty are more than skin deep. No matter what your age you are never too young to start learning about how better hormone health can help you stay young in mind, body, and soul:

– skin, hair, nails and bone health;
– weight management secrets;
– libido – it’s loss is more common than you may think, why?;
– energy levels – why do they disappear?;
– mental health – depression, anxiety and stress don’t have to be endured.

Learn how a more natural approach to holistic hormone health can help you to maintain your beauty from the inside out. Gaining an understanding of hormone health can provide you with insight for your own practice and help you to improve outcomes.

Conference 2017 – Hashimoto’s Disease:  what you should know!

“An autoimmune cause accounts for approximately 90% of adult hypothyroidism, mostly due to Hashimoto’s Disease.”

Nobuyuki Amino, 1988

Saturday 30 September 2017

Alyssa will, again, be speaking at this bi-annual event with the charity Thyroid UK. The Stress Connection is the title of her talk, but come along to this great event to support the charity and learn so much about the broader aspects of having an underactive thyroid condition.