International Virtual Clinic

Alyssa’s methods to help you achieve your optimum wellness include:

  • specific education about your hormone health – being informed is being empowered to make the right decisions for you;
  • practical diet and lifestyle advice;
  • supplementation with high quality vitamin, minerals and herbal formulations (as required on an individual basis);
  • detoxification approaches;
  • counselling;
  • hormone testing may be required to ascertain specific information – full evaluation report is provided for your information and education.

Some health insurance policies allow you to claim for complementary health approaches and a number of my clients claim reimbursement.

I work with people across the UK, Europe and further afield.

If you would like to book a telephone, Skype or Facetime consultation, please email or call my PA.

Appointments are:

Initial Consultation  up to 1 hour £195 (including follow up email)

This consultation will go through your history and any test results you may have.  Alyssa will explain what she can see from the hormone perspective, including why you may be experiencing certain symptoms across the physical, mental and emotional levels because of known problems associated with hormone imbalances.

This is the appointment that you require if you wish to see Alyssa to discuss test results by your doctor or from any other laboratory or practitioner also if you have advanced purchased your hormone test from this site without an initial consultation.

Post Test Consultation  up to 45 minutes £155 (including follow up email)

This consultation follows any advanced testing that you may have done with Alyssa after an initial consultation.  You will be taken through your extensive hormone evaluation, which serves as a baseline for your education.  All questions are welcomed.  You will also be taken through Alyssas natural health recommendations.  These recommendations do not comprise strict dietary regimes or adjustments, in Alyssas view this can add unnecessary stress and impede your progress.

Follow Up Consultation  up to 30 minutes £110 (including follow up email)

After you start your protocol you will usually meet with Alyssa twice more at 6 8 week intervals.  This is important as Alyssa expects significant improvement within the first  6 8 weeks for the vast majority of people.  The initial review appointment will assess your progress, make sure you are following the regime for best results and make any changes that may be necessary.  Alyssa also uses this time to educate you further about how you are responding so that you are being empowered to take care of yourself on the longer term basis.

Initial Consultation – 60 minutes – £195
Post Test Consultation – 45 minutes – £155
Follow up Consultation – 30 minutes – £110


I hope you will find this information useful in your work with me:

  • your personal records are kept by me under conditions of strict confidentiality;
  • your consultation fee is outlined on my website according to the service you have selected. This is payable in advance in order to confirm your booking. If you cancel your clinic appointment with less than 48 hours notice (for virtual appointments) or one weeks notice for face-to-face clinics), I will have to charge you as arrangements will have been made and other bookings turned away. The same applies for missed appointments. If you cancel your clinic appointment once your confirmatory payment has been made there is a 15% administrative charge and also to cover processing fees. Alternatively, I may be able to offer a telephone consultation for missed Lido or Harley Street appointments because of illness or circumstances outside your control.
  • my aim is always to empower you with sound understanding of your hormonal health and to support you in the choices you make to improve your health and well-being;
  • I carry proper insurance and am a member of a number of professional organisations – please see About Me
  • In working with me you understand that it is your responsibility and not mine, to consult your family doctor regarding any recommendations provided.  Any recommendations are provided in good faith and based on the best of my knowledge and on the information you have provided.
  • In working with me you indemnify Alyssa Burns-Hill against any adverse reactions that may be experienced as a result of any recommendations.

Thanking you for your support and co-operation.