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You may have missed my blog the other day about my new book Health from the Bottom Up, which is currently available for a very short time on Amazon – FREE!  (By Kindle – you can download Kindle from Amazon for your computer, phone or tablet for free, you don’t need a Kindle Reader!)

I wanted to share a small extract with you – you might be amazed at what your gut is harbouring …

A Monster Within?

Elimination of waste is a fundamental biological need of all living things. Unfortunately, it’s a need that we tend to ignore too often. So why and how do we ignore our colons? If we put our hand on a boiling kettle we would do something to remove it from the pain very swiftly. So, how do we allow our colons to be stretched out of shape and permanently damaged by constipation? Why do we hold ourselves back from eliminating so that our colon can blow up like a balloon and in doing so put ourselves on a track of discomfort, illness and disease?


In his book Cleanse and Purify, Dr Richard Anderson recalls an encounter with a doctor,

‘I have spent twelve years working in the field of post-mortem diagnosis. I have seen many thousands of dissected cadavers. Everybody has it in there. We have a way of attaching a hose to the upper intestines and with the aid of powerful chemicals we literally blow the stuff right out of the intestines. I have seen the heavy ‘beer belly’ and so called fat people, lose all that bulk in five minutes. It wasn’t fat. It was the mucoid layer … and in that filthy substance we see all sorts of worms, bacteria, fungi and many unidentifiable things. It is almost unbelievable that people can live with that filth inside them. All these people were dead of course and it wasn’t hard to see why.’

In Dr Bernard Jenson’s book, Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management, he explains that in his experience,

‘One autopsy revealed a colon to be 9 inches in diameter with a passage through it no larger than a pencil. The rest was caked up layer upon layer of encrusted faecal material. This accumulation can have the consistency of truck tyre rubber. It’s hard and black.’

He also goes on to talk about another autopsy that revealed a stagnant colon that weighed in at a staggering (and he/she probably was staggering) 40 lbs.

I expect I have your attention by now!

Let’s just think of the implications of carrying around impacted faecal matter.

·  At best it will present extra weight that you just can’t shift.

·  You might suffer from regular constipation and flatulence.

·  Bad breath/halitosis are a periodic or constant problem.

·  Headaches and even depression impair the quality of your life.

·  Abdominal discomfort and swelling legs make you loosen your clothes, put your feet up and ultimately reach for the laxatives.

·  Body odour has you reaching for stronger and more effective anti-perspirants and deodorants.

·  Constant skin break-outs have you covering up with make-up or asking the chemist for the latest acne treatment.

·  Your hair is dull and your eyes are lifeless.

Do you feel like all the sparkle has gone out of your life? Are you suffering with a chronic complaint? Would you like to look better as well as feel better?


My little book will tell you more about what the above highlights and, most importantly, what to do about it!  A simple and ancient approach that can work wonders for your health.

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