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It’s been a while since I did my last post as there’s been a lot going on, so hello and I hope you are enjoying the Summer now that it may finally have arrived!

I just wanted to let you know that for the next few days my new book Health from the Bottom UP is available on Amazon for FREE!

What’s it all about?

Health from the Bottom Up is a short, practical book that will explain why your gut health is so important and how regular enemas (rather than expensive colonic irrigation) should be part of your life.  Good housekeeping should apply to your body as well as your home.

Yes, I know there are jokes and connotations about enemas and when I was going through the natural cancer therapy, which involved four coffee enemas per day, my daughters took great delight in telling me they’d never go into a Starbuck’s again in case I asked for my coffee black, with a straw!

But seriously.  Did you know that you could be carrying pounds of undigested food and guck around in your belly that you won’t pass.  (One guy I mention actually passed the ‘bluey’ marble he swallowed when he was five years old.)  Did you know that this intestinal muck will be generating toxins that are leaching through your gut and undermining your immune system?  Health from the Bottom Up has information on the whys and wherefores of enemas as well as how to do some simple ones with added ingredients for health benefits; and the preparation method for the famous coffee enemas completes the set.  (The coffee enema was found in the world’s best selling medical text book until the early 1970s.)

I often recommend enemas and shared this book’s previously edition with clients who have problems with constipation.  Enemas can set you free from this uncomfortable problem and I’ve had many an email expressing huge relief. Constipation is a problem for which people usually take a laxative – do you want to know why that’s not a good idea for your body and that it won’t resolve the stuff you carry around inside?  My little book will take you through all that and a whole lot more, with some humour along the way.

After the FREE promotion expires you can get all this for less than the price of a cup of coffee!  Bottoms Up!

See on Amazon as a Kindle book – downloadable to any device – click here

Once you’ve had a read I’d be really pleased if you could post a review.  Thank you .. and do share with friends

Don’t miss out as this one time offer expires shortly.

Wishing you good health, always


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