You’re not ‘crazy’ it’s your hormones!



News out today is that in the UK mental health issues such as stress, depression and anxiety are now affecting 25% of us and that three quarters of those affected receive no help.

Mental and emotional health factors are often part of my clinics because hormone health can have a massive impact on how you are able to respond to and deal with stress as well as the experience of ongoing depression or anxiety.  However, it also has to be said that in my experience antidepressant medication is offered and prescribed as readily as antibiotics, i.e. for no real clinical reason and the message about antibiotics is being stressed to GPs.

Talking therapies are also all well and good if there is an underlying need for discussion and understanding of self in relation to past events, but these therapies’ progress can be seriously hampered by tired adrenals (your stress glands), poor thyroid hormone function and/or mood swings and irritability during the menstrual cycle:

– tired adrenals reduce your ability to cope and will impact thyroid hormone function.  (Low thyroid is known to be a cause of depression and anxiety and this is not a factor that your GP can pick up with the limited testing that is the standard.);

– stressed adrenals will also reduce your ability to cope and give you increased irritability, feelings of anxiety, inability to think and remember, as well as interfere with sleep and have you reaching for comfort foods.  This is related to high cortisol (stress hormone), which is known to cause depression and anxiety;

– mood swings and increased irritability premenstrually are due to oestrogen dominance and this is a problem that can be really severe.  PMS can impact the quality of your life so much that it leads to negative feelings and a sense of hopelessness and being out of control that is severely debilitating.

You may not have ‘mental health’ issues, you know, balancing your hormones naturally and sustainably can really help you to avoid a possible lifetime battling your feelings and being dependent on medication that numbs who you really are.  I have worked with people who have lost relationships, jobs and businesses as well as a woman who used her hormone report to prevent being ‘sectioned’ and woman who asked her psychiatrist when she was better and off the drugs, “Why didn’t you tell me it was my hormones?”  

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