Hormone Testing

Sometimes it’s important or just plain necessary to test your hormones to:

  • see what is really going on through a comprehensive and advanced hormone review, rather than an isolated spot check;
  • identify previously unidentified hormone deficiencies, excesses, or imbalances so that appropriate courses of action can be identified (holistic or medical according to your needs).

This supports you in a very clear way in your aims of understanding your health and yourself.

If I could refer you to your local doctor to obtain the type of testing I work with I would happily do so, but unfortunately this is very unlikely. I work with a CLIA-certified testing facility that uses cutting-edge technology to evaluate your samples that are provided in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  It is also the only clinical laboratory to use sample extraction methods that remove contaminants that could otherwise alter test results.



I also ask you to answer the comprehensive questionnaire about your signs and symptoms.  These are signs and symptoms that are correlated with documented physical, mental and emotional effects of hormones.  This provides information for a more realistic picture to complement your laboratory results, and it’s one that means something to you.

So, to reiterate, these are not vague testing procedures that are similar to those offered at most chemists today – these are advanced clinical tests that use cutting-edge technology developed specifically for hormone processing and analysis, which are able to identify hormone imbalances that normal blood tests cannot reveal.  This all makes sense to you through my in-depth, easy-to-read reporting that is included.

Understand more about saliva testing …

Steroid hormones (e.g estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEAS and cortisol) in the bloodstream are mostly (95-99%) bound to carrier proteins (e.g. protein binding globulin, albumin) making them unavailable to their target tissues/receptors.  It is only the unbound fraction (1-5%) that is available to freely diffuse into the target tissue (including the salivary gland).

Serum and plasma bloodtesting, most often used in general medical practice, actually refers to the testing of the watery, non-cellular part of the blood and contains water-soluble substances such as some vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins.  Steroid hormones, such as those mentioned above, are fat-soluble hormones derived from cholesterol.  (When you have serum cholesterol measurements, provided in general practice, it is the cholesterol bound to protein, which is described as LDL or HDL).  Hormone levels in saliva therefore represent the quantity of hormone that is available to target tissue and is therefore actively exerting specific effects on the body and relate to specific symptoms of hormone excess or deficiency.

Here is a paper by the National Institutes of Health that explains a little more – SalivaryDiagnostics

Here is a paper published about saliva as a diagnostic specimen – Saliva as Diagnostic Specimen

Here are some further clinical references:

Saliva Testing References

Blood Spot Testing References

Saliva testing is a well-recognised approach to testing hormones and, for example, in the UK this a government regulated and accredited approach that is used by medical doctors and complementary health practitioners alike.

Hormone Overview Plus

Hormone Overview

Hormone Profile II






Comprehensive Thyroid Profile

Comprehensive Adrenal Profile







Basic Two Profile

Iodine Profile

Vitamin D Profile







Terms of Hormone Testing Packages

I hope you will find this information useful in your work with me:

  • your personal records are kept by me under conditions of strict confidentiality.
  • I have a close working relationship with my laboratory and we always do our best to obtain the best results for the people we work with – these are advanced medical quality testing packages.
  • information regarding requested refunds:- within 1 month of purchase there will be a £25 admin fee deducted from the final amount to
    cover, administration and costs of kit (which cannot be reused for hygiene reasons)- within 6 months of purchase there will be a £50 admin fee deducted from the final amount to cover fees incurred, administration and costs of kit (which cannot be reused for hygiene reasons)- after 6 months a credit voucher less £50 to cover administration and costs of kit (which cannot be reused for hygiene reasons) will be issued.