Medical Error 3rd Leading Cause of Death in US – so remind me, why do we go to doctors?

This breaking news makes an interesting update as it’s not the first time that doctor-caused death has been flagged as a leading cause, JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) reported this in 2000. The problem, however, is that very often medical intervention is not noted as cause of death because a disease or condition is what is referenced … because of the issue of liability?

The medical professional has an enormous amount of skills and knowledge that it can provide for us in times of need, but have you placed too much responsibility for your health in the hands of your doctor, expecting a magic pill or curative surgery to solve all your health problems?

Think about who you might be asking for help from.

A recent poll conducted in Britain by PureGym and reported in the Times of India found that:

– doctors are one of the most unlikely professions to exercise, almost twenty five per cent of doctors admitted to doing no exercise;

-doctors work and live with the least amount of sleep;

-doctors are often expected to work through a whole day without a sit-down meal.

Also, it’s estimated that one in six doctors are addicted to drugs or alcohol at some point in their career, a UK study found in 2015. (The BMA (British Medical Association) has also called for action to be taken on this.) It is estimated that doctors are three times more like than the rest of us to have cirrhosis of the liver, which is a sign of serious liver damage.

Finally, doctors have a significantly higher suicide rate than the general population – they have been estimated to be more than twice as likely to kill themselves.

For me, health is about feeling alive and vital through a good diet and lifestyle that doesn’t mean boring. After all, you have feed the soul as much as you nourish the body, so a glass of wine or some chips aren’t off the menu!
Being healthy is not about feeling drugged, sluggish and suffering with side effects. Drugs don’t cure, they mask and modulate symptoms. Many chronic conditions, such as Type II diabetes can be reversed with a sound natural health approach. People think that diabetes is just a sugar condition that can be treated with pills, but did you know that diabetes is the leading cause of amputation?

Taking drugs to ‘cure’ a health condition is just like eating sweets all the time when you’re hungry and expecting them to provide the nutrition your body needs. Food for thought?

Wishing you well


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