Staying Young: hormonally speaking

I’m at the Holistic Health Show this weekend at the NEC.

Do you really believe that creams and potions are going to be the only way to maintain youthful skin, glossy hair and strong nails? Did you know that real efforts to maintain these signs of youth and beauty start on the inside?

If you are seriously stressed – and so many of us are nowadays – cortisol, your stress hormone will age you by breaking down tissue, particularly collagen.

If your thyroid hormones aren’t working properly – you’ll struggle with your weight management, have low energy, dry skin and even toxic constipation.

If you’re living a high carb low fat lifestyle you’re depriving your body of essential fats and oils – they don’t have to be fattening!

Staying Young is not just about having a wrinkle-free face it’s about feeling and being vibrant and vital.

I’m going to share some top tips to support your hormone health, which will support a youthful skin, better energy and weight management, glossy hair and how to get the best beauty sleep.

Join me on Sunday 21 May at 2pm at the NEC.

I hope to see you there!

Warm wishes



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