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Within minutes of talking to the empathetic Dr B-H, I was a sobbing, snot-pouring wreck.  She asked spot-on, prescient questions.  She wasn’t overly concerned about the prolactin rise, as that’s a typical response to stress.  No, the real culprit was drained adrenals, which would send a saint out of whack.  Bereavement, she explained, is tiring and when your adrenals are compromised, you feel weak and vulnerable …  Anna Pasternak, Tatler Magazine, 2013


I am doing really well, had the odd headache, but only one migraine since I last spoke to you.  I’ve passed on your details to a couple of friends too.  Katie, UK

I just wanted to let you know that our baby arrived.  I will always really appreciate the help you gave me when I came to see you.  You helped me so much with my crazy hormones which were all over the place and falling pregnant was definitely enabled by all your help and guidance.  Anna, UK

I must say I am feeling great about the new regime and have lost 8kg!  Jackie, UK

I have some good news.  I just found out that I am pregnant!!  We decided to start trying again in December and Presto!  Next Monday will be 5 weeks, so it is still early days but I believe that all we have done is making the difference this time.  Naomi, UK

Just thought I would drop you a quick line to let you know that I am 7 weeks pregnant.  Shock to say the least but wonderful at the same time.  Thank you so much for our second wonderful gift of another child.  Have scans and everything looks great.  I hope all is well with you.  Sandi, Canada

Everything seems to be kicking in now, I’m losing weight and feel more energetic.  Can still be a bit tired at times especially in the morning waking up but is definitely getting better so much so I have started doing some yoga in the mornings.  I’ve been following a really healthy way of eating and weight is coming down slowly but the fact it’s coming down is brilliant.  Keri, UK

Thanks so much for all your help so far, I most definitely feel tons better.  I have told a number of clients about you.  Amanda, UK

I am very grateful to you for the massive improvement in how I feel.  Annabel, UK

I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help over the past months.  It is so fab to be me again and to have energy to enjoy life. You truly are a God send.  I have already recommended you to 3 of my friends who will definitely benefit from your help.  Thanks so much.   Carri-Anne, UK

Hello and how are you? I’m writing to inform you that I am feeling very much improved. My memory has improved, my general mood has uplifted and I no longer am depressed. I have lost weight, but most importantly, that bulge around the hips has disappeared allowing the feminine curves to re-appear.    Sandie, Greece

I feel so positive about the future and am making changes with regards to exercise, work and stress too!  Thanks again.   Pili, Spain

I really must write and thank you for what you have done for me.  I have osteoporosis and I want you to know that my bone density has improved by 10%.   Lena, Sweden

Just thought I would drop you a quick line to let you know that I had my first scan on Friday and everything was absolutely fine.  I cannot tell you the relief and happiness this gave me but I’m sure you can imagine.  Thank you so much for all your help, Alyssa, as I know this successful pregnancy would not have been possible without all your help.

Update:  Sian is a wonderful placid baby who even lets her Mummy get 5 hours sleep without waking.  I feel so blessed.  Thank you, Alyssa, for all the help you gave last year to create our beautiful little miracle.  If my story can help one other person with your guidance of course I would like to think I had given something back.   Sandi, UK

I just felt compelled to write and let you know that there has been a remarkable and noticeable improvement in my son’s overall energy and positive well-being.  He is 17 and was having real problems at school so much so that he was almost expelled.  I am happy to say that his school have witnessed this improvement and have asked him to stay on for his final year to sit his A Levels.   Linda, UK

Just thought you’d like to know I’m already feeling the benefit.  In fact all kinds of things are changing, that I didn’t realise were related.  And now I realise how truly awful I felt.   Hilary, UK

Thanks a million for all your help.  Slowly but surely I am beginning to feel much, much better.   Sandie, UK

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how nice it was to meet you and to thank you for taking so much time to talk to me and reassure me – I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and care, and hope that I bump into you again at one of the many events in London.   Julie, UK

Courses and Seminars

My husband and I came along to your talk yesterday and listened to every word you had to say.  And I must say it all made perfect sense.  It is nice to know that you’re not going mad and there is a reason for all the turmoil.  Helen, UK

What I liked best is that we are the power centre of ourselves – give women the strength to believe in themselves rather than just what the doctor says.  Thank you.  Jane, UK

It was clear and concise.  You explained hormones and health very clearly and I have left with a better understanding.  Thank you.  Jude, UK

Easy to listen to and understand.  The information about HRT helped me to make an informed choice NOT to take it!  Julia, UK

Brilliant could have listened and asked questions ALL day. I liked the speaking in layman’s terms, it was easy to understand, no gobbledegook!  Jackie, UK

Good balance of subjects and the relaxation.  Susan, UK

It has been a life changing experience.  Starting to bring out the best in myself.   Chris, UK

The whole course has proved to be a life changing experience for me in so many ways … it is a new beginning … my family, friends and neighbours have all made comments on how different I am.  Happy, calm, contented, and ‘serene’ by one person.   Lorraine, UK

I liked the clarity and discussion of new information.   Hilary, UK

I liked the whole course, should have done it sooner.   Karen, UK

I really enjoyed the course and am sure that the ideas will continue to grow with time.   Judith, UK

I learnt loads and I feel really excited about learning more and experiencing more.  Is very cool.  Emma, UK

Delivered in a friendly way – new concepts introduced clearly.    Stephen, UK

Really enjoyed the course.  Making me understand more about myself.   Diane, UK

I feel uplifted and more balanced.    David, UK

Just keep on going in what you’re doing, if there were only half the population of the world like you, what a different world this would be.   Ross, UK

Thank you Alyssa, I enjoyed the course very much.   Lynn, UK

I liked learning about the opportunity to relax and form a base to continue through self-discovery.   Steven, UK

Very informative, clearly and fully explained in detail.  Alyssa is warm and engaging.   Michele, UK

Excellent!  (from someone put on HRT at 34 shortly followed by a diagnosis of breast cancer).  Debbie, UK

I liked the information about alternatives and will look at my own medication and evaluate it.   Chris, UK

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar about hormones.  You really are an excellent presenter and the talk was so interesting and informative.  Thank you. BK, UK

Case Histories


Deborah, UK
Age 42


heavy bleeding and fibroids

Medical Recommendation & Result

hysterectomy – early menopause

Dr Alyssa Approach

Deborah agreed that she should do a hormone evaluation. The results revealed low oestrogen, low progesterone, high testosterone (with a possibility of cystic ovaries), and stressed adrenal function. This was a surprising outcome as doctors wanted to give her drugs to suppress her oestrogen production as another alternative.
Three months later after following a natural health approach Deborah reports that the bleeding caused by the fibroids had settled down to non-existent and that she is feeling good. She wants to continue with what she is doing.


No need for a hysterectomy or drugs. Deborah can continue her life intact, which is better for her long term and short term health.


Age 31


irregular cycle and bouts of depression

Medical Recommendation & Result

anti-depressants and the pill – anti-depressants made her feel worse and a bad reaction to the pill

 Dr Alyssa Approach

Emma decided to do a hormone evaluation and her results suggested that she had cystic ovaries. Her oestrogen was okay, progesterone was low, testosterone was high, DHEAS was also very high and cortisol was okay. High levels of testosterone are associated with depression, and so is stress!

Emma decided to go back to her doctor with her results. Her doctor reluctantly referred her for an ultrasound scan (because she did not present as a typical cystic ovaries patient). Her scan confirmed that both her ovaries were covered in little cysts.

Three months later…


After following a natural health approach, Emma saw distinct improvements in her cycle and her mood. Depression was no longer a regular companion.

Maureen, Spain
Age 70


diagnosis of menopause and a hysterectomy at 70

Medical Recommendation & Result

oestrogen only HRT even though blood test revealed high oestrogen – depression

Dr Alyssa Approach

Maureen heard about Alyssa from a friend and decided to do a hormone evaluation.  Her results showed expected levels of her sex hormones (oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone) but her adrenal (stress) glands were showing signs of fatigue.

After 6 weeks of following her natural health approach, Maureen reports that she feels a lot better.  Her symptoms have gone and she feels more in control.


No need for HRT or anti-depressants.  Maureen can enjoy her retirement in a happy and healthy way.

Ren, Sweden
Age 34


severe depression and sensitivities

Medical Recommendation & Result

anti-depressants – no change

Dr Alyssa Approach

Ren did a test, the results revealed very depleted sex hormones (oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone), they were at the level of a postmenopausal woman. Her adrenal function (stress glands) was able to get her up in the morning but her level of cortsol (the main stress hormone) plummeted throughout the rest of the day. Anti-depressants cannot address fatigue!

Ren did not start her natural health approach immediately, and after a couple of months things got really bad for her so she made an appointment for a consultation. She was in a very deep depression. She was started on the natural health approach immediately.

Six weeks later…


Ren reports that she has not experienced any depression or anxiety for 26 days straight, which was unheard of, especially before her period.

Maria, UK
Age 45


13 years on HRT brought health problems

Medical Recommendation & Result

the list of drugs was growing and there was no offer of help to change the situation – was Maria on a course for more and more medication?

 Dr Alyssa Approach

Maria wanted to understand her health for herself and did a Hormone Overview. Her results were very revealing: an oestrogen level that was more than eleven times the optimal level for a woman on oestrogen replacement, with very low testosterone and, as expected, low progesterone. Maria’s stress glands were also showing signs of fatigue with a very low profile.

Thyroid levels were okay with insulin (the hormone related to diabetes) starting to creep outside the optimal range.


Maria began her natural health approach and after six weeks she was off HRT and blood pressure medication.

Maria’s sense of well-being was soaring with further expectations for her continued improvement.

Ruby, UK
Age 59


severe menopausal symptoms, tired

Medical Recommendation & Result

HRT, Thyroxine (for thyroid) and anti-inflammatory (for arthritis) – HRT is causing extremely painful, tender breasts and an agitated state

 Dr Alyssa Approach

After stopping HRT and Thyroxine, Ruby was considering going back on both medications because se felt so bad. However, after doing a comprehensive hormone evaluation it was clear where Ruby’s problems were lying.

Without the use of estrogen HRT or Thyroxine, Ruby followed her natural health approach and swiftly saw improvement in many of the symptoms she was suffering from: mood swings (changed dramatically), energy levels and aches and pains.


Ruby has come off the HRT, the Thyroxine that she was on for the thyroid problems and the anti-inflammatory for arthritis. She now tells people that she’s got her life back!

NB: These testimonials and case histories are genuinely documented. First names and locations are real, but other details withheld to observe the client’s right to confidentiality. (Photos are of models.)