Wise Woman Society

Have you ‘Come of Age’?

Are you wondering about menopause or other mid-life changes?

Are you in the dark about HRT?

Are you worried about aging and age-related decline?

Have you:

– lost your libido?

– worries about incontinence?

– had mood swings that are turning you into a ‘middle-aged dragon’?

– had episodes of depression and/or anxiety?

– had problems sleeping …

the list might be going on … and on.

Alyssa’s Wise Woman Society will give you a forum and many┬áresources to negotiate your menopause as a passage of liberation to be the wise, sexy and beautiful woman you know you are.

Membership of the Wise Woman Society will give you:

– articles, podcasts, videos and book chapters

– supplement information and links so that you know what you’re buying and why. (It’s also important to buy quality otherwise you are likely to be wasting your money.)

– quizzes about your hormone health

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